About Us!

Our mafia is all inclusive. We invite everyone to take a "backwards" approach to the norm.  Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and use our tools to empower yourself to do so!  Watch the treks we take, download the plans we made and travel in our footsteps like we did  and reconnect with Nature's beauty!

Those new to Backwoods hiking, kayaking, camping and the like can feel a bit intimidated by all the various research media out there. Now here is a customized resource for you and yours to gain the direction you need to get out there and hit the trails and/or waterways!

We provide well defined routes, trail synopsis as well as video as if you were there!  A lot of trip planning and preparation goes into a fun, safe trip, and we got you covered!  We have everything from meals, to gear and even DIY options to make your trip more affordable!  Check out our downloadable maps, itineraries, recipes and the like!



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