a remote or sparsely inhabited region, especially one considered backward.



Meet the Team

Shauna Burns


You will often see Shauna spending any time she can in underpopulated areas with woods, lakes, rivers, mountains, and rugged terrain.
Along with her skills in fishing, camping, hiking and kayaking, she loves to refine her culinary techniques using cast iron, foil, DIY gadgets, grilling on an open fire, and dehydrating savory meals for back country sleepovers! Shauna is also known to glamp when backwoods options simply aren't available!

Jeremy Burns


Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, mountain biking and generally anything that includes being outdoors in ANY type of weather!
He is prefers living far removed from civilization or modern conveniences, and is your true definition of a Backwoodsman! During his free time, if you can find him - he is out and about refining his art of simplifying survival techniques.  Let's not forget his daredevil tactics; he's never afraid to try anything...once!

This could be you!


Tired of being a silhouette in your own life? Is the outdoors calling you? All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other...check out our blog, our trip planning guides, or even some of our videos so you, too - can get out there and get some!

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